Rounds is a film that explores notions of masculinity and the social functions of place from three different generational perspectives in a boxing gym in Newport, South Wales. The film evokes experience in the gym, concentrating on the intense structures and rhythms of a training session that over time shape the pugilist’s sense of self.

[A sociology of boxing] must grasp boxing through its least known and least spectacular side: the drab and obsessive routine of the gym workout, of the endless and thankless preparation, inseparably physical and moral, that preludes the all-too-brief appearances in the limelight, the minute and mundane rites of daily life in the gym that produce and reproduce the belief feeding this very peculiar corporeal, material, and symbolic economy that is the pugilistic world

Loïc Wacquant, Body and Soul (2003)
  • Siôn Marshall-Waters
  • 2016