Envisioning Normality

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Envisioning Normality is an ethnographic project on youth with serious illnesses, chronic disorders and disabilities maintain a sense of normality in their life, and how they define their identity in the face of continual life disruption and physical limitation. This…

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The work presented here developed from my MA thesis which focused on municipal practices in enforcing the planning and building policies in Jerusalem, which have been creating a major housing crisis for Palestinians in the city. I was looking to…

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Aren’t I supposed to look grim?!

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My photographic work explores identity and memory in areas that have been affected by major changes in the more distant past. In my degree project in the former German Democratic Republic I investigate how people today, 18 years after the…

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Take Me To A Place Outside

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This project is a phenomenological enquiry into the experience of imprisonment. Drawing on anthropologically informed theories of perception and imagination this film explores the relationship between the real and the unreal, the physical and the imagined, and the in- and…

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