Where the Beach is Made of Bones

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Imagine yourself on the shores of a sea that should not exist in one of the harshest deserts in North America. Imagine a region of promise facing unmitigated environmental disaster. Imagine yourself on a beach made of bones. This project…

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Caught in Between Darkness and Light

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The refugee experience of flight to the (un)promised land Please use headphones to listen to the audiodoc This photographic audio-documentary tells the story of the brief journey that a small group of refugees took from Milan to Calais. For some…

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Air Pressure

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Air Pressure is a collaborative project by Angus Carlyle and Rupert Cox. Begun in 2010, it involved two periods of field work in Narita, Japan to explore the heard world of one farming family whose organic holding is now encircled…

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Life Lived in Colour

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Please listen with headphones – recording uses binaural stereo microphones which require headphone playback to achieve their full effect This project is an attempt to understand some of the huge changes that take place in the life of one woman,…

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Imagining Islam

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We do relate to you the most beautiful of stories…Qur'an 12.3 This study explores an Islam envisioned by a specific reform movement that aims to refashion Islamic identity through aesthetic practice. Their hope is to encourage a sense of shared…

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Work and the Environment in Burkina Faso

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Part of my research on hunting in Burkina Faso was necessarily centered on the relationship of the people I lived with with their environment. I found myself to understand the importance of agriculture, the fundamental source of subsistence for most…

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