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An ethnographic documentary on ‘spiritual tourism’ in Peru and contemporary shamanic practices using ayahuasca plant medicine. LISTED FOR CHANNEL 4 / ONE WORLD MEDIA’S STUDENT AWARD 2013 Afluentes are small rivers or streams that flow towards a bigger river or…

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This film explores how participants respond to being photographed, how they comport for the camera, how they see themselves and how they express ideas of being seen. The setting is a reconstruction of the grid system used in early anthropometric…

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Haraka Baraka

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Movement is a Blessing After having lived in the Netherlands for over 20 years my parents, Gulzar and Shwan, decided to move back to Kurdistan. Escaping the Iraqi regime as refugees in the early 90s, Iraqi Kurdistan has recently developed…

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Inside The Wood

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Aaron Keydar has been creating wood sculptures in the Spanish island of Formentera for more than forty years. Inside The Wood explores Aaron’s life-memories through the place where he lives and the surfaces and textures of the Mediterranean landscape. This…

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The Man Who almost Killed Himself

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“The Man Who Almost Killed Himself” is a play in collaboration with Theatre Director Josh Azouz, based on my texts “Ethnography, Art and Death” (2007) Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 13(1) and “Strange Distance: Towards an Anthropology of Interior…

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Shooting Freetown

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A decade since Sierra Leone’s devastating civil war, from the ashes rises a new dawn of creativity in audio-visual media. Inspired by Jean Rouch’s ‘shared anthropology’ and ‘ethno-fiction’, Shooting Freetown follows three people forging their way in film and music…

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