Hip-Hop, mi desahogo

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Doing time anywhere is tough, but especially in Latin America. The majority of prisoners on the continent have to deal with overcrowding, poor conditions, and there are regular cases of human rights abuses. In the summer of 2013 I was…

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Envisioning Normality

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Envisioning Normality is an ethnographic project on youth with serious illnesses, chronic disorders and disabilities maintain a sense of normality in their life, and how they define their identity in the face of continual life disruption and physical limitation. This…

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The work presented here developed from my MA thesis which focused on municipal practices in enforcing the planning and building policies in Jerusalem, which have been creating a major housing crisis for Palestinians in the city. I was looking to…

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Life Lived in Colour

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This project is an attempt to understand some of the huge changes that take place in the life of one woman, Soozie, who after suffering from profound hearing loss for over 20 years, has had a good level of hearing…

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Imagining Islam

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This study explores an Islam envisioned by a specific reform movement that aims to refashion Islamic identity through aesthetic practice. Their hope is to encourage a sense of shared humanity that promotes integration and a British Muslim identity. Rather than…

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After The Rains Came

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I directed and edited After The Rains Came: Seven short stories about objects and lifeworlds as part of a period of my MA Visual Anthropology ethnographic research among the cow herding Samburu people of Northern Kenya. My original intention had…

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