Isle of Mist.

By Posted in - MA & Video on May 19th, 2016

Here is another sample of the work my students are producing for Beyond Observational Cinema, the course I just finished teaching for the MA in Visual Anthropology. Siôn Marshall-Waters and Jan-Holger Hennies went to the Scottish island of Skye and talked to some of its inhabitants asking them to remember the past and tell stories about the place where they live. They edited these voices with landscape shots to create a visual poem in which the island itself speaks through the men who inhabit its rugged shores.

‘Eilean a’ Cheò|Isle of Mist’ is a short film that explores ideas of landscape and storytelling. Using soundscape, landscape imagery and audio interviews, the film creates a visual poem of people’s experiences on the Isle of Skye.

People’s relationship with landscape is particularly evident on the island; in crofting, fishing, tourism and writing.

The film reminds us of landscape as existing beyond a backdrop to our lives. It’s something we participate in, constructing both physically and imaginatively. We shape it and are shaped by it. The landscape tells – or rather is – a story, a story of lived experiences, romanticism and nostalgia.


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