Where the Beach is Made of Bones

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Imagine yourself on the shores of a sea that should not exist in one of the harshest deserts in North America. Imagine a region of promise facing unmitigated environmental disaster. Imagine yourself on a beach made of bones. This project…

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Caught in Between Darkness and Light

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The refugee experience of flight to the (un)promised land This photographic audio-documentary tells the story of the brief journey that a small group of refugees took from Milan to Calais. For some days we shared the same roof, the same…

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Disfigured Memories

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Disfigured Memories is the ethnographic representation of a six-months anthropological research in the Archipelago of Sundarbans, West Bengal, India which I made before arriving at the Granada Centre. It is primarily a way of exploring the role of the memory…

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A Place Elsewhere

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People’s relationships to places have been widely explored by anthropologists, debating whether we can approach people as rooted within a territory or if connections between identity and territory are merely social constructs. Following Hevin, Mohamed and Mireille, who all came…

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Cruising the Village

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I use combinations of photography, drawing and writing to explore the forms of movement and modes of perception of men seeking sex with other men along a stretch of canal, approaching the city centre of Manchester in the UK. I…

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Living for living

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Building connections in the Lammas Eco-village In 2009 the Lammas Ecovillage in West Wales became the first legal low-impact settlement in the United Kingdom. The people involved in the project moved to land that had been predominantly pasture, and started…

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