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The legacy of the sectarian conflict persists in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland and attracts both international and national tourism. Traces centres the experiences of two Catholic walking tour guides as they consider the legacy of the Troubles,…

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Grandma’s Hands

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In 1953, Claire Leven traveled to Florence, Italy to study the lost-wax process of sculpting. After her passing in 2021, her granddaughter decided to do the same, embarking on a journey to discover more about her grandmother’s mysterious artistic past.…

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We Call Her Sensei

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From the mountains of Cisarua, Indonesia, Meena Asadi uses karate to combat the indefinite wait for resettlement. As a young Hazara woman, Meena’s path to becoming a karate champion was fraught with obstacles. When the Taliban forced Meena to flee…

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Sich Abhängen | Holding On

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80 years after a tragic accident, an ageing woman mourns the father she never knew. Using an old dollhouse as a visual metaphor for refurnishing the memories of her life, the film follows Lisbeth Svenson (my grandmother) and her son…

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A Future Buried in the Past

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In the Colombian Caribbean, the phantasmagorical presence of the disappeared Ingenio Central Colombia (Sugarcane Mill Central Colombia 1909-1953) is being unearthed by the elder’s stories and the paintings of a primitivist artist. In the plantation complex César Villa Gutiérrez, the…

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In Touch

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Centring the daughter’s experience, In Touch follows and examines three complex mother-daughter relationships from three distinct cultural settings that share one commonality: a daughter who has studied and, crucially, chosen to remain abroad. Independence, groundlessness, possibilities: experiences indicative of the…

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