MAVA Alumni collaborate on ‘Chronicle of a Winter’.

By Posted in - Alumni & News on April 26th, 2016


Two Granada Centre alumni, Spyros Gerousis and João Meirinhos (Both MAVA 2013) have recently been collaborating on a documentary set in the rural north of Portugal titled ‘Crónica de um Inverno’. The film explores topics first laid out in a classic Jean Rouch film.

An emergency ethnography that gained a life of its own by following the question: “Are you happy?” (the same Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin asked to start off the 1960 seminal documentary ‘Chronicle of a Summer’). This time we asked it in Mirandese to the permanent inhabitants of São Martinho de Angueira; a small border village in the Northeast of Portugal where my family comes from. Soon to be a film of self-discovery, isolation, perseverance, pride and nostalgia.

João Meirinhos

As part of the project, Gerousis and Meirinhos also produced a short sensory documentary on pork culture in the village, which can be viewed on Vimeo:

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    Peter I Crawford - Reply

    April 27, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    Don’t know whether it has been digitised but it might be of interest to see Heimo Lappalainen’s ”Chronicle of a Finnish Summer’ from the late 1980s, which was also inspired by Rouch and Morin’s work.

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      João Meirinhos - Reply

      May 5, 2016 at 4:15 am

      Many thanks for your suggestion Peter, will certainly do so!

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